Hey, my name is Simon, and welcome to my corner of the internet.

I am a bit of tech geek. Lover of all things computers, games, software, hardware… you name it.

My life’s journey had only recently, well into my twenties, found me in the software development space. And while it took me a while to finally get into it, I know I have found my passion!

My first (official) job in software started as in QA. My job was to try my hardest to break stuff. I found myself getting to know software from a perspective I never quite knew existed. Software wasn’t perfect. It was delicate. And behind it all was a lot of care and work to make it functional and beautiful which, us as users, often take for granted.

I was fascinated by the inner-workings of app development. Each bug I found intrigued me, and I always loved to know what was the cause for the error, and what was the solution to fix it.

I became not only intrigued by the code behind the applications we were building, but I found a strong interest in the usability of the app as well. The ‘user experience’, the term I came to learn, of it all. We would get bugs logged from our user’s from doing a variety of actions in ways we found bizarre. Why did they do that? And, importantly I found, why didn’t we think of that? Wasn’t our UI intuitive enough? If not, why not? How could we improve on it? Who exactly ARE these users of ours, and how can we better understand how they think, etc.

I learnt there was a whole discipline behind this, and it has held my interest ever since.

But as much as I enjoyed my role at breaking stuff, I wanted to experience the joy of making stuff as well. The magic and power of development. And so I pursued my ambition to learn how to code. It has been a relatively long path, but with the help of online courses (such as CS50x from Harvard University, among others), and many long days and late nights, I finally began to learn the art of code. Eventually I was competent enough to land a job as a junior developer.

Having now worked in a few places, both as a QA, BA and now a developer, I began to find interest in the software development process as a whole. One of the teams I worked in was running a ‘scrum’ development cycle using the ‘agile’ framework. I quickly befriended with my Scrum Master at the time, and became, once again, fascinated with the whole process of it all. In order to understand scrum and agile a lot better, I then pursued a Scrum Master Certification myself, and I enjoy working in and applying those principles in my teams.

So where does leave me today? With a whole lot more to learn, of course! I am grateful to have been given an opportunity to be in this industry and I have enjoyed journeying from various roles within software development. I have found that I have a love for products, good products, that aspire to change the world and make a difference. A love for the craft and meticulous detail in the thought behind the user experience. I am inspired everyday by people around me who are doing incredible work while loving what they do.

This blog is, in essence, snapshots of my continual journey of discovery in this industry that I have found myself in. I thank you for reading it, and I hope you might some content that be of interest for you as well. :)