In this post, I go through process of creating my first Twitter ad campaign in the hopes to boost the downloads of my recently published app, Carma.

I wasn’t sure just exactly what I was expecting when my app went live. I think a small foolish part of me thought, as soon as the email came in that my app was approved and ready for publishing on the live iOS App Store, that all I had to do was click the magic button to make it public and the downloads would just start pouring in. Well, as you can probably obviously tell as you roll your eyes at me, that wasn’t that case!

The thing is, developing an app in your spare time mostly costs you nothing (besides time),┬ábut getting people to download your app, well, it seems like that it’s almost inevitable that you will be required to spend some money, at least a little, to help get it out there and market it to your intended audience.

So I decided that I will budget a couple of bucks a month to just get the ball rolling. In hopes that, and maybe this is the foolish part of me talking again, a small bit of virality will kick in via word of mouth which will drive a few more downloads. Who knows. But what I do know is that I need more downloads. :)

So now that I have decided I want to pay for some marketing, where do I start? Well, I decided to try see how well Twitter will help in this regard.

In the posted video, you will see me go through the process of setting up my first Twitter ad campaign for my app. The process is mostly straightforward, but I did hit one major hurdle when it came to setting up my analytics via a 3rd party service which frustrated me and couldn’t get working. Hope to maybe revisit that process a little later with a bit of more luck.

All in all, I am keen to see how effective Twitter’s Ads are. I see them myself in my own feed, and I often quickly overlook them, but I remember being surprised how effective Facebook advertising was a couple years ago when I used to promote my online store. So I hope to be surprised again with Twitter.

The budget I decided to set is admittedly pretty low I think, but I hope that it would still be able to return some investment. Just how much downloads I get in return though… we will have to wait and see. :)

When my first month is over, I will update with some results, and provide a little more insight in its effectiveness.