I love Trello.

For some time now I have been looking for the perfect personal task management solution. I’ve tried ‘Reminders‘ on iOS, ‘Clear‘, ‘WunderList‘, ‘Evernote‘, and a whole bunch of other’s I’ve just lost track of.

All of them just didn’t work for me in some way or another. I didn’t motivated to manage them and for a long time I’ve just done without.

Then recently, I began working on some software projects, building a couple of iOS apps in my spare time. Working on a software team at work, I have become familiar with the ‘Agile’ project management framework and use of Kanban boards to track delivery progress.

A simple Kanban Board

A simple Kanban Board. Before the age of the internets.

Getting Stuff Done

I like the idea of splitting up my tasks in ‘To Do‘, ‘In Progress/Doing‘ and ‘Done‘, instead of just ‘To Do’ and ‘Done’. The ‘In Progress’ just allows you to choose which tasks to focus one, complete, then move to the next one. Yes I know, it’s simple, yet something traditional ‘To-Do’ lists lack..

I’m not sure how, but I ended up one day discovering Trello – a free, online customisable Kanban board. And my prayers were answered.

I immediately modelled out my own ‘Agile’ board for my project, creating 4 lists – ‘To Do’, “in Progress’, ‘Blocked’ and ‘Done. And it just took off from there, adding and expanding new lists which helped me filter tasks better.

You can of course customize your board however you wish, adding as many lists as you want and creating your own ‘stream’ of task management. There a re no rules here, so whatever flow works for you, I’m sure you can simulate it in Trello.

My project board.

My project board. Gotta love a shrinking backlog and a growing Done list!

Managing Your Boards are a Breeze

Adding new cards is effortless, and in short time I have mapped out my current roadmap across my lists.

When a card is ready to be moved on, all you got to do is just click and drag the card to the next list. Simple as that. This also works great when using using the mobiles apps (which I’ll touch on a little later).

Adding Context with Images, Labels and Comments

You can even customise cards further and add ‘labels’ to your cards, which is essentially tags that can give you a visual distinction about what each card could related to. (For instance, I created ‘Front-End’, ‘Back-End’, and ‘Design’ labels so I can easily see the context of what each card is about)

Opening up a card then presents you with a section for extra details or comments. Need to keep track of some progress or changes in a task? I just leave a comment for myself.

A Board for Every Occasion

Because creating boards and customising them how you want is so easy, you can really make a board for any every occasion. School Project? Art supplies? Home DIY? Managing those in Trello are a piece of cake!

Planning a new DIY project? School work? You can make a board for it with ease!

Planning a new DIY project? School work? You can make a board for it with ease!

More Time Working on Tasks, Less Time Managing Backlogs

My productivity, I won’t lie, definitely increased. I immediately could keep track on what I was working on and then, when done, could pick the next task from my ‘To Do’ and focus on that.  Have a new idea for a feature? Just whip up a new card and put it under ‘To Do’ so you don’t forget and can review it later.

Of all the task managements apps I have used before, Trello has been the one that has required the least maintenance. Every list has it’s purpose, every card has it’s place, and managing progress is a click and a drag.

For Work and Home

I found myself getting things done so much more efficiently on my projects, that I have began even using boards to keep track of personal tasks to do at home, and even at work. It just began making sense.

I could instantly get a high-level view of everything I was working on and what needed to get down in all areas of my life.


Trello for iOS. Board management on the go!

Keep On Top of Things Even On The Go

As I mentioned earlier, they even have a killer mobile app.

You have full access to all your boards and it’s super easy to see whats going on, and dragging cards from list to another is even easier.

You can find the apps on both iOS and Android.

Great For Teams

I haven’t had a chance to use Trello as a team yet, but from the time I’ve spent with it I can see the benefits. You can make various boards public or provate, and invite members to collaborate on a board.

Members can then add their comments, and update the cards as and when needed. No need to spend bucks on pricey fancy software to manage team projects. Trello pretty much has most, if not all, of the features you need covered.

Collaborate with members on boards and get stuff done.

Collaborate with members on boards and get stuff done.

Yeah, I Just Love It.

Anyways, I guess my point is… Trello is great. It is completely free to use, and they have a couple of ‘premium’ features which, if you want, you can take advantage of for a couple of bucks a month (like custom background wallpapers, stickers, etc). But paying isn’t required to use the core features.

I will admit that this sadly might seem like an ad for Trello, because all I’m doing is praising the jollies out of it, but it really is just because I love the product a lot. It has saved me a ton of time and I’m just pretty damn grateful for it right now and can’t imagine thinking of needing to use anything else.

Sure, it might not be perfect and it might not suit your needs 100%, and that’s ok! For instance, a colleague of mine mentioned that after spending some time with Trello, one thing he would have liked to have is the ability to view multiple boards at one time in one view. Instead of hopping back and forth between different board views. That is just the way he likes to work, and maybe it’s the way you like to work too. But if you’re currently aren’t happy with the options out there at the moment, give Trello a try. I have no doubt that you will get some benefit from it. :)

So enough jibber jabber. I think I made my case! But I want to hear from you now.

If you have started using it, let me know how it’s been working for you! Any features you love, or wish they had? I would love to hear it, and who knows, maybe the Trello devs might find this post and make some wishes come true in the future. :)

(You can find the Trello apps for both iOS and Android at the respective link.)