Looking to learn how to code? Is self-learning new software development skills your thing?

This will be a collection of resources I have comes across and have used or have had some experience with.

I will at some point elaborate more on each one of these, and more, but for now this is a list of resources I have tried and used and would recommend investigating further…

  • CS50x – Introduction to Computer Science by Harvard University (FREE!)
  • PluralSight – “The world’s largest tech & creative training library.” (Trial available with fair subscription model)
  • CodeSchool – Recently purchased by PluralSight, CodeSchool presents interactive course material in a fun and interesting way. (Trial & Subscription based)
  • CodeAcademy – Learn to code interactively, for free.
  • AppCoda – A blog dedicated to iOS app coding. Great tutorials posted almost weekly, including a good bunch in the latest Swift language.
  • iPhoneDev.Tv – A bunch of video tutorial packages presented by Paul Solt – a very knowledgable guy when it comes to iOS programming. The Gold Subscription package is pretty good value if you’re looking to kickstart your iOS knowledge.
  • and more to come..!
  • Pluralsight Acquires HackHands, an On-Demand Mentorship Service for Programmers

    So as a user and member of Pluralsight, I received an email this morning announcing Pluralsight had acquired a company called HackHands. HackHands you say? Truthfully I had never heard of them, but the name intrigued me and wanted to know how this ‘hacking’ company was a good fit for Pluralsight, an online training platform….
  • CS50x – Harvard University’s Free Introduction to Computer Science Course

    If you’re interested in starting a career in computer science but aren’t quite sure where to start, Harvard’s CS50x is a very good place to begin. CS50 is Harvard’s Introduction to Computer Science course, and the CS50x edition of this course is a free online version of it. Which means that ALL the course material…
  • Are You Too Old To Learn To Code? (Spoiler Alert – No, You’re Not..)

    Am I Too Old to code
    If you’ve read my About Me page, you know that I started a journey as a software developer at a pretty ‘late age’, some would say. During the early days of pursing that journey┬áI would often asked myself the question and wondered, am I starting all this too late? And it’s not wrong to think…
  • Swift Tutorials : How To add a Walkthrough Screen Flow to your iOS App (Part 3 of 3)

    In this video, we continue at creating a Walkthrough/Welcome screen flow for your app. In Part 1, we focused on setting up the custom walkthrough view controller which we used, and adding the necessary pages and a button to prompt the walkthrough controller. In Part 2, we finished up adding and connecting the controls and…
  • ‘This…. Is CS50.’

    I’m Simon Archer, and I took CS50 (2014). What is CS50? It’s an opportunity. An opportunity to learn something new, to make new friends, to challenge yourself, and to be inspired to do something more. But more to be to the point, CS50 is a ‘Computer Science 101′ course offered by Harvard University. What makes…