In this video, we continue at creating a Walkthrough/Welcome screen flow for your app.

In Part 1, we focused on setting up the custom walkthrough view controller which we used, and adding the necessary pages and a button to prompt the walkthrough controller.

In Part 2, we finished up adding and connecting the controls and adding the ‘Sign-Up’ and ‘Log-in’ pages.

In this video for┬áPart 3, we will then look at how to integrate Parse as a way to sign-up and manage users, and add the coniditional check to show the walkthrough when the user launches the app for the first time and hasn’t yet signed up.

If you have any questions regarding the video, please comment below and I’ll try address them either in the comments, or in an upcoming video.

Video Links:

  • Part 1 – Setup your storyboard and walkthrough view controllers
  • Part 2 – Finish up adding functionality and screens to your sign-up/log-in buttons (Coming Soon!)
  • Part 3 – Download the Parse framework and use them to manage your users (Coming Soon!)

Links and Resources used in the video:
BWWalkthrough Controller