When I wanted to create an iPhone app, one of the things I knew I wanted was one of those really nice walkthrough/welcome screens you see when you launch an app for the first time.

They give you a brief overview of what the app is about, and gives you the opportunity to sign-up or log-in before you can use the app.

The reason why I like these is because they often serve as the all important ‘first impression’ when a new user downloads the app, so often you will see a lot of effort and care in these screens to try an captivate the user to follow through the sign-up process.

So I decided to make a series of videos on how to create a similar effect in Swift for iOS.

Path (iOS) is a great example of a nice welcome flow for new users

Path (iOS) is a great example of a nice welcome flow for new users.

In the video, we will create a project that will, on launch, see if the User is a first time user(or not logged in) and then present your welcome screen which will be made with the BWWalkthrough controller. The welcome screen will have a couple pages, where you can use to explain more about your app, and then links for the user to ‘Sign-In’ and/or ‘Log-in’.
The final video will then show you how to use the Parse framework to create and save users into your database, so they won’t have to see the welcome screens again the next time they open your app.

I hope this series of videos helps you to create an awesome experience for your first time users in your app, and check back again soon for part 2 and 3!

Video Links:

  • Part 1 – Setup your storyboard and walkthrough view controllers
  • Part 2 - Finish up adding functionality and screens to your sign-up/log-in buttons (Coming Soon!)
  • Part 3 – Download the Parse framework and use them to manage your users (Coming Soon!)

Links and Resources used in the video:
BWWalkthrough Controller