One thing I love about mobile apps, and I think it is becoming the way of web apps too, is the care and effort developers go through to make the first impression personal and meaningful through interesting design and UX.

When a user downloads your app, don’t think that your marketing is done and you can rest easy knowing that people are using your app. When a download takes place it is usually by some recommendation or some level of promotion. The important part comes next when the use decides to actually launch the app for the first time, because then at that point they have made a conscious decision to invest their personal time into giving your product a chance and for you to convince them how your app will improve their lives in some way.


Mailbox (iOS) has an interactive walkthrough which encourages you to learn the basic swipes and actions to get through your email quicker.

Beyond the importance of the sign-up flow, I personally love stumbling across apps which really make the experience unique and fresh. I would probably spend more time than most swiping back and forth between the transitions, appreciating the small details of how an object would animate into view or, even better, seeing the developers creating some sort of personality for their app through these screens.


Human (iOS) gives you hints and tips on how to get the best experience with their app.

I can imagine it must be a tricky thing for a developer to spend time working on the sign-up flow because when designed and used correctly, each of your users should and would generally only ever see it once during the life-time spent with your app. But putting in that little bit of extra effort into those screens to interest and incept more users is just as important as it is to keep them coming back.

But as a developer looking to expand your audience, don’t overlook the power of a good welcome flow. It is your opportunity to take the moment of your potential user’s time they have given to look at your app, and educate them in 30 seconds or less (this is your 30 seconds sales pitch over lunch) about what you’re about and why you think they would find value using your app.

Carousel walks you through its brief 3 core functions - Share, Save, and Safe

Carousel walks you through its brief 3 core functions – Share, Save, and Safe

Do you have any apps that stuck out to you as personal favorites when it comes to welcome flows, or left a good impression on you? Maybe some which serve as UX inspiration for your own apps? Let us know below!

(Below are a few more flows I like. You can see more and get more inspiration from Mobile-Patterns!)



Paper by Facebook (iOS), possibly a little too heavy on the details, Paper tries to educate you on how their unique card flow works and how to use them.


Clear (iOS) makes an effort to teach you how the list system works, and the pinches and gestures you need to know to work with them.